UI and UX Updates

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In the upcoming version for iOS the overall design will be cleaned up and more minimalist than before. Since we use Swift as programming language we can finally use native UI elements bringing you well known features like track-pad mode (moving the cursor by force pressing the keyboard on iPhone or normal-pressing with two fingers on iPad), smoother scrolling experience, double tap to select a word, scroll to top by tapping on the status bar and all the other details known from other apps. Also all the small inconveniences are being fixed like the keyboard closing when you swipe through the markdown toolbar.


To remove the visual clutter we have changed the orange background color of the top bar in all views to the text background color (white now in the default theme), effectively “removing” the bar. This way the the calendar and notes look lighter and much better. The default theme was also changed to look lighter. The background is white and the orange is only visible in the text for the asterisk and other important details like links.


Looks also great with a dark theme:

Notes List View

In the notes overview we are also using familiar UI now like seen in other apps. That is the notes are displayed in a list view instead of a grid view. And you can swipe to delete. This gives us more space to display the notes’ title, some text and we have room for more details like modification date. The button to create a new note has been also moved to the bottom right so it’s easier reachable and won’t take up space on the title bar.


Changing months in the calendar got a smooth and continuous swipe gesture now. We did the same for notes so it looks and feels more natural. Switching between the days is really awesome now!

(Checkout the same post with gifs on medium, couldn’t add the videos here for some reason)