new themes for NotePlan iOS and macOS

Color Themes are here for macOS and iOS!

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Finally after a long update phase themes are here for NotePlan. Besides the themes, NotePlan is also available now in German and Chinese now! Find the new themes in the preferences under the “Themes” section. We have added 6  light themes and 6 dark themes. If you are into programming the dark themes will be […]

How to Restore Notes

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If you are using Time Machine, you can go to the last restore point set on your last Backup. Otherwise, your Mac is also making restore points of each change by default. You can unlock those restore points if they aren’t already and restore a note via the TextEdit menubar. Here is how: open the […]

iOS Update 1.6.5: Shortcuts and Swipe Back

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Shortcuts The same shortcuts you are used to on Mac are available now on iOS too. This is especially useful if you have an iPad / iPad Pro and use an external keyboard to type on it. Only moving todos up and down via shortcuts is not supported. Here is a list of the shortcuts: […]

NotePlan for iPhone and iPad: Walkthrough

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What’s The Purpose of NotePlan? NotePlan resembles the way people plan in the “real world”: Using a calendar, bullet points and notes. It is designed to make your life easier in the moments when you have to deal with incoming information and planning things ahead. It helps you to sketch out what you want to […]

NotePlan for iPhone and iPad Is Coming…

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Today I’m really excited to tell you that NotePlan for iPhone and iPad is finally ready to launch. It has been in Beta on TestFlight for many months and I have received tons of constructive feedback. Big thanks to the beta community! Always happy to chat with you guys! It helped me a lot and many […]

Screenshot of the "Recent" Feature in NotePlan

Mac Update – Open Recent Notes & Quick Actions

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It just got easier to switch between recently opened notes. If you often work with multiple notes, such as calendar days and backlog notes you had to switch constantly between different views. This got a lot easier now. Top right of each note a new popover was added, which features all recently opened notes. So […]

Personal Kanban

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This is part of my guide “The Developer’s Guide to Productive Daily Planning”. Get it here. Kanban is a great planning method to visualize simple productivity processes. And it’s not just for teams, it’s also extremely useful as a personal board for any kind of project. To get started you can use free tools like […]

iOS Update: Quick Actions and Font Size Customisation

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After a longer stretch an update is finally available. The share button is replaced with “Quick Actions” (the share button is living there now). This contains three new features: Archive Finished Tasks, Schedule All Open Tasks and Copy Note Link. As the name says, these are basically shortcuts to often used actions. A short explanation […]

How To Fix iCloud Syncing Issues

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NotePlan saves notes as plain text files in your iCloud Drive folder. Through iCloud Drive all your files are being synced across your devices automatically. If syncing is not working, following tricks help to get it working again: 1. Is iCloud Enabled? First of all you need to be signed in into iCloud with your Apple […]