Nested Tags are Here

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Now available for Mac, iPhone and iPad are nested tags. This feature allows you to create a deeper structure for your notes – similar to folders, but better with virtually infinite depth.

How does it work?

It’s simple: you can separate your main tags and sub tags with a slash: #main-tag/sub-tag. This works not only for a single level, you can nest as deep as you wish: #main/sub1/sub2/sub3 and so on.

After auto-saving the note, you will see the sidebar will be updated showing the new tags with a button to expand the main tag. For example:

When you tap on a nested tag it will show you the tagged notes and paragraphs inside your notes. Nested tags are supported globally across calendar notes and non-calendar notes. And you can not only tag whole notes, but also paragraphs of text, means tasks, quotes, blocks of simple text, titles, etc.

Compared to folders you can add multiple tags to a single note, which is not possible with folders. For example you have a note for your marketing activities which talks about different ways to generate traffic. This is a great pool ideas which you want to use across different projects, so you can not only tag it with #marketing, but instead add it to different projects with #NotePlan/marketing for example.

Additionally this tag system allows to reference different types of data (full notes and paragraphs) and not only one.

Global search was introduced in the update previous to this, read here more about it:

If you got feedback on how this can be improved, just write to or tweet to @NotePlanApp.