Screenshot of the "Recent" Feature in NotePlan

Mac Update – Open Recent Notes & Quick Actions

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It just got easier to switch between recently opened notes. If you often work with multiple notes, such as calendar days and backlog notes you had to switch constantly between different views. This got a lot easier now. Top right of each note a new popover was added, which features all recently opened notes. So you don’t have to open the general note selection or the calendar to quickly jump back to the last note you have opened. We plan to improve it further with shortcuts and “pin” options.

More time-saving improvements are the quick actions, which were first introduced to the iOS version (slightly renamed):

  1. “Archive Processed Tasks”: Rearranges marked tasks, such as “done” and “scheduled” into new titles ## done and ## scheduled.
  2. “Schedule All Open Tasks”: Selects all tasks and opens the schedule dialog. Now select the date as usual and it will copy all open points (means all todos, which are not marked as done, scheduled or deleted). Titles are also copied, nothing else.

All Changes (coming to the AppStore in the next two days):

  • New: “Recent” button added to notes (see top right after changing the note once). Links to the last few opened notes will be displayed, so you can jump back quickly. This way you can switch between notes without opening the overviews first (calendar or note grid)
  • New: Quick Actions added (like on iOS) = Under the context menu top right of a note find now
    • “Archive Processed Tasks” (rearranges marked tasks inside new titles “done” and “scheduled”) and
    • “Schedule Open Tasks” (selects all tasks and schedules every open one to the selected date)
  • New: NotePlan should appear in the iCloud Drive web interface now. Apple fixed something after filing a bug report.
  • Fixed: Auto-todo marks (which appeared after starting a new line with the ‘return’ key) were not replaced when a todo was pasted over them.
  • Fixed: There was no full time-label inside the calendar search (in case of events)
  • Fixed: Time spinner in the “send to” dialog and the “reminder” field was not setting the right time if it was typed.
  • Fixed: Don’t load binary files, such as the Notes & Settings from nvAlt as notes.
  • Fixed: Events now show time span or “all-day” where appropriate on the calendar with correct translations.
  • Fixed: Line height was not adapted to increased font size.
  • Fixed: Non-todo items (‘trivia’) are not copied anymore, when scheduling, except titles.
  • Changed: Hide window when clicking on ‘x’ instead of closing it.
  • Changed: Position of Reminders button in schedule dialog changed to be above the calendar and buttons.