macOS Update: GFM style todos also on Mac now!

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Last week we shipped preferences for selecting GFM style todos on iOS and now it’s also ready for macOS. You can fire up your preferences and switch off the option to recognize * , - and 1.   as todos without using [ ] brackets. Only * [ ], - [ ] etc. will be recongized as a todos in the calendar, when you remove the checkmark from this option.


Sharing NotePlan content with other apps got easier now. A “Share…” option was added to the top right menu. Click on it and you will see a number of options available on your mac. The share button is also available, if you right click a day in the calendar or a note in the overview. Besides this, you can also drag notes directly from the calendar or notes overview now. Drag them into other apps or into the Finder. This comes handy, if you are using something like Marked 2 to open your Markdown notes for preview:



New and Changed Shortcuts

One shortcut has changed: Moving todos up and down works now with Control + Command + Up/Down. New menu items for moving todos have been added to the “Edit” menu, so you don’t have to remember those shortcuts. Additionally you can create * [ ] style todos with Option + Command + L and 1. [ ] with Option + Shift + Command + L. The shortcuts are also added to the menu under “Format”.

Performance & Bug Fixes

Memory leaks and performance bottlenecks have been resolved. The memory consumption should be lower now and the calendar would load faster, especially if you have tons of external events from other calendars loaded. Besides athis the 12-hour format is supported and picked up from the general preferences of macOS (you can change it in “Language & Region”).


  • New: Added preference to recognise only GFM style todos in the calendar: * [ ](same as on iOS).
  • New: Added preference to choose default mark for todos and lists: * or - (same as on iOS).
  • Improved: Several memory leaks closed.
  • Improved: Calendar loading performance improved.
  • New: You can drag notes directly from the calendar or the notes overview into other apps, such as Marked 2 or onto your desktop – a copy will be created.
  • New: Share option added. Click the menu button top right inside a note or right click a note in the calendar or notes overview to share NotePlan content with other apps.
  • Changed: Key combination for moving lines changed to standard Control + Command + Up/Down and general behaviour is improved.
  • New: 12-hour format available now and time spinner behaviour improved. It will pick the system default (see “Language & Region” preferences in your mac).
  • New: Added shortcut and menu item for * [ ] todos under “Format”. Shortcut is CMD + Option + L
  • New: Added shortcut and menu item for 1. [ ] todos under “Format”. Shortcut is CMD + Option + Shift + L
  • New: Added preference to show and count subtasks (indented tasks) in the calendar (they are ignored by default).
  • Improved: calendar search is faster and event order is change, so the future events are on top and you scroll down into past events.
  • Fixed: Minor fixes in translation