iOS Update: Quick Actions and Font Size Customisation

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After a longer stretch an update is finally available. The share button is replaced with “Quick Actions” (the share button is living there now). This contains three new features: Archive Finished Tasks, Schedule All Open Tasks and Copy Note Link. As the name says, these are basically shortcuts to often used actions. A short explanation of the new actions:

  1. Archive Finished Tasks: Moves all to-dos, which are marked as done, scheduled or deleted below all the other open tasks under a new “# Done” title (if not already there). This cleans up your list and makes it easier to see what’s still open. It also feels really good to sweep out the checked off tasks and see the list shrinking.
  2. Schedule All Open Tasks: For everybody who is overplanning the day, this feature helps you push everything to tomorrow (or any other day). It basically selects everything and triggers the schedule dialog. Another workflow is to leave the open tasks inside the day note till the next review.
  3. Copy Note Link: Every note has a clickable link markdown. General notes use [[Title]] and daily notes use @YYYY-MM-DD or [[YYYY-MM-DD]]. Instead of typing out the titles and risking typos you can now just hit this option to save it to your clipboard, so you can paste it anywhere inside NotePlan.

The share button is now housed in this menu too for space reasons.

Besides above you can finally change the font size too. In the Preferences, you would find a new slider, which adjusts the font size of the note text, the calendar summary view and the preview of general notes. This is kept independent from the dynamic type feature of iOS, because NotePlan’s font-size is slightly different than the general settings.

All changes:

  • New: Change Font Size in Preferences.
  • New: Quick actions menu added (besides Share option)
  • New: “Archive Finished Tasks” (inside quick actions). Finished tasks will be moved under a “# Done” title inside the note.
  • New: “Schedule All Open Tasks” (inside quick actions). Schedule all tasks inside the current note (except the finished) to any day.
  • New: “Copy Note Link” (inside quick actions). For pasting the link to this specific note (day or general note).
  • New: Show last iCloud Drive Sync in the menu sidebar bottom.
  • Fixed: long links cause crashing on opening the note.
  • Fixed: &, <, > not correctly formatted in summary view.
    Other minor fixes.