iOS Update: GFM style todo support, default todo mark and more

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Many bugs fixed and better support for GFM (Github Flavoured Markdown) todos was added (like * [ ] todo).  By default NotePlan recognizes list items as todos such as * and - . You can change that now in the preferences. Look for the new “Markdown” section in the preferences view and switch off the default. Then only GFM todos will be recognizes as such in the calendar. A checkmark button specifically for todos will be to the keyboard toolbar.  Additionally you can change your default list style. To avoid confusion the icons for writing
a list/todo or a numbered list was changed to the default icons.

Besides this a ton of bugfixes are shipped, such as the external calendar list was cut off for a few people in the preferences or 12-hour format was not recognized (default iOS settings). Links and phone numbers are also recognized much better and clickable.


To make things easier for new users, an intro was added for the first start. You can view the intro again through the preferences. See bottom few sections. A few links were also added to have easier access to our Reddit forum and for writing a quick email to me :).

Intro Slides


Same changes coming to macOS soon.

All changes:

  • New: Added preference to recognise only GFM todos in the calendar (* [ ]), instead of recognising general list items as todos (* )
  • New: Added preference to choose default mark for todos and lists: * or - .
  • New: Added separate check mark button, which prints - [ ] or * [ ] , when list items should not be recognised as todos.
  • New: Recognise links without protocol (like http, https, etc) for the most commonly used TLDs are detected now, such as (without www or http).
  • New: Recognise phone numbers and prompt for calling the number when tapping (can be cancelled after tapping, won’t call right away).
  • New: 12-hour format available now. It will pick the system default.
  • New: Intro slides added for first start and references for help in the preferences.
  • Fixed: calendar list in preferences was cut off, when amount of calendars was less than 13
  • Fixed: Reminders and events were not immediately loaded in some cases.
  • Fixed: Select All + any action didn’t work
  • Fixed: Weird scrolling behaviour, when text is consisting of only 2 lines.
  • Fixed: Calendar search results were not updated, when the note was changed
  • Changed: Rearranged and changed icons on keyboard toolbar, so that the indent buttons are visible
  • Changed: improved rendering of todo points