iOS Update: Formatted Day View Below The Calendar

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If you feel the NotePlan calendar gives you too little information on iOS and opening the full markdown note takes too long, this update is for you. In an optional view below the calendar (or beside it in landscape mode), all todos of the selected day are summarized and formatted. Todos which are done or scheduled are sorted to the bottom. All open points and all events from other calendars are sorted to the top. Bold and italic markdown is removed and replaced with the formatted text.

Tap on any day on the calendar to load the todos of that day. Tap onto the todos below the calendar to open the markdown editor.

Another update is the support for accepting URL shares. For example in Safari or Chrome you can share the currently open website or share a link inside the website. NotePlan can read this now, if you share or paste it.

All Changes:

  • New: Formatted day view below the calendar is added back, but with a toggle button left of the search icon. You can hide it to show more of the calendar and you can show it to select a day and see the summary in a quick overview. Tap the summary view to edit the day.
  • New: NotePlan was not supporting web urls in the Share Extension (now its supported and formatted in Markdown automatically). Means you can hit share inside Safari or Chrome to share the currently open URL with NotePlan
  • Fixed: Some phone number formats were not detected. Now many more should be supported.
  • Changed: Welcome slides are resized for iPad landscape and iPhone SE and lower.
  • Added: Add markdown preference to welcome slides.
  • Fixed: There was no `AM/PM` in the calendar search results.
  • Fixed: There was no full time-label inside the calendar search (in case of events)
  • Fixed: todo marks (which appeared after starting a new line) were not replaced when pasting a new todo into the same line.
  • Fixed: Pasting URLs was not working
  • Fixed: Copy links through “Share…”” from other apps was not pasting anything into NotePlan.
  • Fixed: Don’t load binary files, such as the `Notes & Settings` from nvAlt.