How To Fix iCloud Syncing Issues

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NotePlan saves notes as plain text files in your iCloud Drive folder. Through iCloud Drive all your files are being synced across your devices automatically. If syncing is not working, following tricks help to get it working again:

1. Is iCloud Enabled?

First of all you need to be signed in into iCloud with your Apple ID and iCloud Drive has to be enabled. Click on the Apple icon top left on your desktop, then “System Preferences…” and “iCloud”. Check here if you are signed in (you should see your name and email address) and if iCloud Drive is enabled:

Also check under “Options…”, if NotePlan is not disabled from iCloud Drive.

On iOS (iPhone and iPad) you also need to be logged in into iCloud and iCloud Drive has to be enabled:


2. Fix iCloud Hanging

If you are signed in into iCloud and everything is enabled, but syncing is still hanging or extremely slow, here is what you can do: The simplest way to fix this is to sign out and back in into iCloud. On Mac you will see a small cloud icon in the iCloud Drive folder, when a file is changed and is being synced. Normally this takes only seconds. If the cloud icon does not disappear, your iCloud is hanging. Sign out and back in through the iCloud Preferences:

On iOS you can disable and enable iCloud Drive as well. This will delete the local iCloud Drive files and re-download them. So better do this with a stable wifi connection.

3. Events Or Reminders Are Not Updating

Sometimes the todos inside the notes are updated, but calendar events or reminders are not. In order to fix this, try to close & open the default calendar app on your iPhone/iPad and see, if the events are updated there properly when changed on another device like your Mac. You can do the same with the Reminders app.

4. You Don’t Have Internet

Check, if your wifi or mobile data is active and if you have access to the internet. Data is only synced with a working internet connection.

5. iCloud Is Down

This happens rather rarely, but sometimes the iCloud servers are down. You can check this here: In this case you can only wait, until Apple fixes the server issues. If you change   the same note from two different devices in this time, NotePlan will notify you of a conflict the next time you open the note and after the sync was successful. You can then choose which version to keep.