new themes for NotePlan iOS and macOS

Color Themes are here for macOS and iOS!

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Finally after a long update phase themes are here for NotePlan. Besides the themes, NotePlan is also available now in German and Chinese now!

Find the new themes in the preferences under the “Themes” section. We have added 6  light themes and 6 dark themes. If you are into programming the dark themes will be familiar to you 🙂


  • NEW: Themes!
  • NEW: Chinese and German translations added
  • NEW: (macOS only) Add shortcuts for “Archive Processed Tasks” (CMD+W) and “Schedule All Open Tasks” (CMD+Shift+W)
  • NEW: Allow special characters from other languages in note filenames.
  • NEW: Preferences menus visually improved
  • NEW: ‘Cancelled’ title is also added in Archive Processed Tasks result.
  • FIXED: Show search results for comments in calendar even if they are hidden from the calendar.
  • FIXED: link processing (don’t include characters like ‘.’ and ‘,’ at the end of a link, that’s most probably a full stop or comma inside a sentence).
  • FIXED: Improved iCloud syncing performance by removing some bottlenecks. These were also potential bugs for losing data due to late sync on iOS.
  • FIXED: Shake to undo/redo.
  • FIXED: undo/redo issue, where you had to press undo twice sometimes.
  • FIXED: third-party keyboard issues (couldn’t scroll down completely in a text)