Smart Filter

Smart Filter Available Now

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In version 2.0.21 Smart Filters are introduced and NotePlan learned how to filter, search and arrange your data in more meaningful ways. With the Smart Filter you can answer questions like: “What’s coming up next week?” “What are all the open tasks [in notes and the calendar]?” “Which tasks have been completed last week?” “What […]

Tag auto completion

Tag And Note Link Autocomplete

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Tag-Autocomplete enables you to re-use your existing tags much faster and you don’t have to guess or look them up anymore. Once you start typing “#… ” and some character it shows you a list of results you can pick from. Use the arrow keys and enter to quickly select a tag without having to […]

Nested Tags are Here

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Now available for Mac, iPhone and iPad are nested tags. This feature allows you to create a deeper structure for your notes – similar to folders, but better with virtually infinite depth. How does it work? It’s simple: you can separate your main tags and sub tags with a slash: #main-tag/sub-tag. This works not only […]

Global Search

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The search has been unified into a single view for all note and data types: calendar notes (todo and non-todo text), non-calendar notes (full notes, todo and non-todo text here too), events and reminders. And it doesn’t matter where you trigger the search. It’s the same now for both types of notes. Additionally this enabled […]

What’s New in NotePlan 2 on macOS?

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NotePlan 2 on macOS is finally releasing soon on the Mac AppStore. It has been quite a while that it got an update. We were quite busy rebuilding the whole app from scratch – first on iOS, now on macOS. The result is a completely redesigned app focused on increasing your productivity and making planning […]

New NotePlan Icon

New Icon for NotePlan

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After weeks of refinement, we have finally updated the icon. We didn’t like the old one and it was not telling anything much about the app. The new icon has an asterisk as it’s symbol, which indicates markdown, todos, or something important. The orange asterisk is also the default todo character used inside the app. […]

new themes for NotePlan iOS and macOS

Color Themes are here for macOS and iOS!

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Finally after a long update phase themes are here for NotePlan. Besides the themes, NotePlan is also available now in German and Chinese now! Find the new themes in the preferences under the “Themes” section. We have added 6 ¬†light themes and 6 dark themes. If you are into programming the dark themes will be […]

iOS Update 1.6.5: Shortcuts and Swipe Back

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Shortcuts The same shortcuts you are used to on Mac are available now on iOS too. This is especially useful if you have an iPad / iPad Pro and use an external keyboard to type on it. Only moving todos up and down via shortcuts is not supported. Here is a list of the shortcuts: […]