Use Case: Meeting Notes

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If you are in meetings a lot and take notes (or want to take them), NotePlan is the perfect tool for you. Here is how you can get the most out of it. Here’s the problem: Taking notes in meetings using note apps or the pen & paper approach leaves you first with raw and […]

Walkthrough: NotePlan 2 on macOS

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NotePlan helps you to become twice as productive by getting more serious work done with less planning. It lets you track your work and get things quickly out of your head, so you have the headspace to be creative – that’s what brains are made for. Find out how! The second version of NotePlan on […]

How to Restore Notes

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If you are using Time Machine, you can go to the last restore point set on your last Backup. Otherwise, your Mac is also making restore points of each change by default. You can unlock those restore points if they aren’t already and restore a note via the TextEdit menubar. Here is how: open the […]

NotePlan for iPhone and iPad: Walkthrough

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What’s The Purpose of NotePlan? NotePlan resembles the way people plan in the “real world”: Using a calendar, bullet points and notes. It is designed to make your life easier in the moments when you have to deal with incoming information and planning things ahead. It helps you to sketch out what you want to […]

How To Fix iCloud Syncing Issues

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NotePlan saves notes as plain text files in your iCloud Drive folder. Through iCloud Drive all your files are being synced across your devices automatically. If syncing is not working, following tricks help to get it working again: 1. Is iCloud Enabled? First of all you need to be signed in into iCloud with your Apple […]