Walkthrough: NotePlan 2 on macOS

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NotePlan helps you to become twice as productive by getting more serious work done with less planning. It lets you track your work and get things quickly out of your head, so you have the headspace to be creative – that’s what brains are made for. Find out how! The second version of NotePlan on […]

What’s New in NotePlan 2 on macOS?

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NotePlan 2 on macOS is finally releasing soon on the Mac AppStore. It has been quite a while that it got an update. We were quite busy rebuilding the whole app from scratch – first on iOS, now on macOS. The result is a completely redesigned app focused on increasing your productivity and making planning […]

v2.0 of NotePlan for iOS coming in December 2019

What’s New in NotePlan v2.0 for iOS?

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The v2.0 of NotePlan is finally releasing soon on the AppStore. This is a complete rewrite from scratch of the v1.0 using the newest technology. (For tech nerds: it’s written in Swift 4.2 and I’m using unit- and UI tests extensively, as well as the storyboard to design and structure the interface) The purpose of […]