iOS Update: Quick Actions and Font Size Customisation

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After a longer stretch an update is finally available. The share button is replaced with “Quick Actions” (the share button is living there now). This contains three new features: Archive Finished Tasks, Schedule All Open Tasks and Copy Note Link. As the name says, these are basically shortcuts to often used actions. A short explanation […]

How To Fix iCloud Syncing Issues

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NotePlan saves notes as plain text files in your iCloud Drive folder. Through iCloud Drive all your files are being synced across your devices automatically. If syncing is not working, following tricks help to get it working again: 1. Is iCloud Enabled? First of all you need to be signed in into iCloud with your Apple […]

iOS Update: Share Extension and Reminder Bug Fixes

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Text-based content can be shared from other apps with NotePlan now. For example select some text on a website in your web browser or another note app, then hit ‘Share…’ and select NotePlan:You can prepend it to a calendar note, such as “Today” (change the date by tapping on the date label at the bottom) […]

iOS Update: Repeat Todos and Icon Badge

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This week’s update is extending the scheduling tools. You can finally repeat a todo! This means NotePlan will copy a selected todo to multiple days. This is useful for recurring tasks, such as weekly reviews or monthly book keeping. This new feature is coming to macOS too over the coming week. Besides this NotePlan’s icon […]