New NotePlan Icon

New Icon for NotePlan

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After weeks of refinement, we have finally updated the icon.

We didn’t like the old one and it was not telling anything much about the app. The new icon has an asterisk as it’s symbol, which indicates markdown, todos, or something important. The orange asterisk is also the default todo character used inside the app. The other elements in the icon are the clock hands inside the asterisk symbol. This refers to another core element of NotePlan which is the reference to time, specifically the planning of individual days. It’s also a hint to the (re-)scheduling of todos (which is a clock icon inside the app), which is also one of the core features of NotePlan.

At this point, I want to thank all our users who helped us to develop the icon! We made multiple votes and got a ton of feedback. Using this we went through a couple of iterations to come to this icon.

Other updates are that we fixed two critical issues. One was a crash when you were adding, editing or deleting events and reminders on macOS and the other was the keyboard on iOS. After you signed up for the newsletter the “return” button got stuck and became a “done” button even inside the note.

We have also improved the way you can work with events and reminders on macOS. You can use a shortcut to create reminders (CMD+SHIFT+E), double-click on the event or reminder to edit it and right-click directly to open the context menu where you can turn an event also into a reminder now.

The full list of changes:


  • New: Icon Updates! Hope you like it.
  • New: Shortcut to create reminders (CMD+SHIFT+E)
  • New: Double-click on a reminder or event to edit it.
  • New: Change reminders into events and vice versa in the context menu of events and reminders
  • New: Right-click to open the context menu of events and reminders (additionally to clicking on the menu button)
  • Improved: Startup time reduced by ~50%.
  • Fixed: crashes when adding, editing, deleting or completing events and reminders.
  • Fixed: Link detection was detecting words like “…compare”.
  • Fixed: the time tag in a todo was not read by the schedule window when scheduling a todo
  • Fixed: More minor issues around opening notes in new windows


  • New: Icon Updates! Hope you like it.
  • Fixed: „Done“ button on the keyboard was not turning into a „return“ button directly after subscribing for the email newsletter
  • Fixed: Link detection was detecting words like “…compare”.