iOS Update: Share Extension and Reminder Bug Fixes

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Text-based content can be shared from other apps with NotePlan now. For example select some text on a website in your web browser or another note app, then hit ‘Share…’ and select NotePlan:You can prepend it to a calendar note, such as “Today” (change the date by tapping on the date label at the bottom) or append it to a general note. By default the general “Notes” selection will create a new note, but you can choose to append it to an existing one. The Share Extension comes very handy, when you are for example browsing on a website and find some interesting information you want to review later. Then you can just append it to today’s note or to any other date, if you don’t need that information right now. The Share Extension gives a nice short cut to do this quickly without leaving the current app.

Besides sharing text with NotePlan, you can also share text from NotePlan with other apps. At the top right you will find a share button as well as in the keyboard toolbar. This way you can tap & hold text and share the whole block without fiddling with the iOS text selection handles.

Other bug fixes include that Reminders were not synced on some devices like iPad. NotePlan was not requesting permissions for Reminders. Now it should request and then appear. If you still don’t see reminders, try to restart NotePlan once.