iOS Update: Repeat Todos and Icon Badge

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This week’s update is extending the scheduling tools. You can finally repeat a todo! This means NotePlan will copy a selected todo to multiple days. This is useful for recurring tasks, such as weekly reviews or monthly book keeping. This new feature is coming to macOS too over the coming week.

Besides this NotePlan’s icon gets a badge showing how many todos are open for today. It will be updated, if you open NotePlan.

Furthermore we are catching up with last week’s macOS update and include the Apple Reminders here too now.

What to test:

  • Try repeating a task. But be careful, there is no undo button for this. Does it work as expected? Find any problems?
  • Are Reminders correctly displayed?


  • New: Repeat added to Schedule dialog. You can copy recurring todos to multiple notes now! Like a weekly review.
  • New: A badge on the NotePlan icon shows how many todos are open for today (you need to open NotePlan once to update the badge).
  • New: Accept [[YYYY-MM-DD]] as links to dates, not to general notes.
  • New: Pull data from Apple Reminders and display along with the calendar events (catching up with the latest macOS version).
  • Fix: Marking a todo after tap & hold marked also the previous one.
  • Fix: Calendar was not properly reloading right after modifying the calendar list.
  • Changed: Links are colored orange like hashtags now.
  • Changed: The overall schedule/repeat UI was updated for consistency.