The First Integration

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Very much requested and now implemented: iCal Integration (first iteration)! Beside this the performance got improved and the landing page is updated once more again. Apple’s iCal Sync Now you can create events from your todos in iCal. Just click on a todo or select multiple todos and hit the sync button. You can choose into which […]

Beta: Productivity Update

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This update throws in a few new features to make you more productive! (Re)Schedule Todos for a specific date The schedule (postpone) function got a mini-calendar! So you can copy a todo to a specific date instead just to the next one. Best of all, you can schedule + copy a todo right from your backlog in a […]

Update: Lists, tabs and swiping

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Managing your lists and writing down todos quickly has become easier now! When you press ‘Enter’ after starting a list, it will copy the list point or the number to the next line. Furthermore you can indent one ore more todos at the same time to the right with ‘tab’ and to the left with ‘shift+tab’: […]

Beta Update: Markdown formatting and menubar

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Last week we were focused on building the menubar for markdown formatting to make it easier to lookup and apply markdown format to our text. They also come with hotkeys and multiline formatting! Beside this, NotePlan now runs also without iCloud Drive. It will save your notes locally and push them to your iCloud Drive, […]